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  • DOG TRAINING FOR DUMMIES by Jack Volhard & Wendy Volhard
    Discover how to: Teach your dog basic commands. Eliminate unwanted behaviors. Make training fun. Choose the right equipment & live in harmony with your dog. This book's clear, step-by-step instructions show you how to train your dog.
    Product ID: 55286

    $ 21.99

  • Golden Retriever:  All that glitters by Julie Cairns - 240 pages, Cloth
    Chapters on buying a dog, grooming, training, understanding the breed standard, breeding, health concerns and more. Hardback. 228 Pages. By Julie Cairns.
    Product ID: 60410

    $ 24.95

  • Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog, Book By Wendy Volhard and Kerry Brown, DVM - Discontinued, out of stock
    This 2nd edition includes all of the in-depth information readers need to evaluate their dog's dietary and medical regimes in light of holistic alternatives, and provides then with a new way to look at canine health in general. 314 pages paperback.
    Product ID: 55606

    $ 16.95

  • Housetraining Your Happy Healthy Pet 2nd Edition By September Morn
    Full of information to help dog owners master the fundamentals of proper housetraining.
    Product ID: 58245

    $ 12.99

  • How to Make Big Money Grooming Small Dogs - Book by Robert S. Whitman
    192 pages, Soft Cover. Amateur's Guide to profitable, professional canine styling.
    Product ID: 40215

    $ 36.95

  • How to Massage Your Dog - By Jane Buckle - Discontinued, out of stock.
    The ultimate book for people who want to give the gift of massage to their dogs or their dog owning friends. Hardback. 80 pages/illustrations throughout.
    Product ID: 56451

    $ 11.95

  • How to Teach a New Dog Old Tricks, Book by Ian Dunbar
    Easy and effective techniques for teaching a new puppy basic manners, or for teaching an older dog that is new to training. Basic off-leash obedience, behavior troubleshooting, training theory and health care. Lure/reward training philosophy.
    Product ID: 71010

    $ 18.95

  • How to be Your Dog's Best Friend" - by The Monks of New Skete"
    The Monks of New Skete share a wealth of knowledge in this book.
    Product ID: 9650

    $ 24.50

  • Making Friends Colflesh
    Making Friends (Colflesh)
    Product ID: DC161

    $ 15.99

  • New Secrets of Successful Show Dog Handling - By Peter Green & Mario Migliorini
    Soft cover, 176 pages. Two experts combine their decades of experience to help you compete successfully with the pros.
    Product ID: 79020

    $ 25.95

Displaying products 1 - 10 of 45

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