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  • 8 in 1 Excel Ear Powder - 1 oz. Puffer w/5% lodoform.
    Provides prompt relief from irritated, itching ears of non-parasitic origin. Helps pet stop scratching and aids in the inhibition of bacterial growth. Eliminates unpleasant ear odors. Dries ear discharge and makes it easy to remove.
    Product ID: 707

    $ 3.85

  • Artificial Tears Ointment - 1/8 oz.
    Puralube Ointment. Preservative free. Prevents irritation and relieves dryness of the eyes.
    Product ID: 3286

    $ 8.25

  • BIO-GROOM Ear Care - Gallon
    BIO-GROOM Ear Cleaner and wax remover.
    Product ID: 51828

    $ 42.00

  • BIO-GROOM Stain Free - 0.7 oz.
    Under eye stain cover cream.
    Product ID: 31007

    $ 6.95

  • Bio-Groom Ear Care Pads - 25 count
    Pre-moistened ear cleaning pads.
    Product ID: 551160

    $ 6.70

  • Chlorhexis™ 8oz - 0.2% Chlorhexidine Flush
    Chlorhexidine 0.2% Antimicrobial Cleansing and Drying Solution. For use on Dogs, Cats and Horses. VetOne® Chlorhexis™ Flush is an astringent, general cleansing, drying formulation for topical use on dogs, cats and horses. Contains chlorhexidine gluconate in a soothing, solubilizing vehicle. For general cleansing of such conditions where an antimicrobial formulation would be of benefit.
    Product ID: 16204

    $ 5.20

  • DVM Ear Rinse - 4 oz. - Discontinued by manufacturer, out of stock.
    Antimicrobial, alcohol free w/aloe, for moisture in ear. - Discontinued by manufacturer, out of stock.
    Product ID: 23157

    $ 4.85

  • Ear Cleansing Solution 16oz.
    Product ID: 16116


  • Ear Cleansing Solution 4oz.
    Ear Cleaning Solution - with Aloe Vera. Cleans, dries, deodorizes, and acidifies. For Dogs & Cats. Contains Aloe Vera.
    Product ID: 16104

    $ 4.95

  • Ear Trim Clamps - Ear cropping clamp (Click For Breed Choice)
    These clamps are specially designed for the individual shape or each breed. Allows for better cosmetic and more consistant ear trims. Directions included. For Schnauzer, Boxer, Doberman, Great Dane or Boston Terrier.
    Product ID: 549

    $ 57.95

Displaying products 1 - 10 of 56

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