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  • Super Scoop pooper scooper
    Extra large yard and kennel scoop with rake for easy pick up on grass. High strength, light weight aluminum. 2 separate tools. 36" handles shovel is 10"W x 9-1/2"D.
    Product ID: 68

    $ 29.95

  • Kennel Washâ„¢ - 32 oz.
    Clean and deodorize kennels, cages, carriers and dog runs with Nilodor's ready-to-use Kennel Wash. Concentrated, simply attach water hose (automatically dilutes 3oz. per 1 gallon of water)
    Product ID: 3035

    $ 14.75

  • Plastic Pet Doors - Medium
    Durable plastic frame with closing panel for security. Soft flexible transparent panel is safe and easy for your dog to use. Great for storm doors, fits doors 1/16 to 1 3/4" thick. Dimensions 10 5/8"W x 15 1/8"H. Flap opening 8 1/8" x 11 3/4" for pets up to 40 lbs.
    Product ID: 10959

    $ 41.50

  • Mutt Mitts - Pkg of 100
    Pick up after your pet using these insulated, disposable mitts. Mutt Mitt is degradable, non-toxic, and safe in landfills and incinerators.
    Product ID: 2540

    $ 13.95

  • Magnador - Giant  (Made in USA)
    Complete come and go freedom for pets. Permanent alnico magnet assembly secures door in auto-lock or closed position. Maintenance free with no parts that wear out or rust. Locks may be locked from either side. No panels to store or misplace. May be painted. 13"W x 19 3/4"H, Cut out 14 1/2"W x 22 3/8"H.
    Product ID: 6052

    $ 72.50

  • Ovation Crate - 31"L x 21 3/4"W x 23 3/4"H
    The Ovation single door crate features the Up & Away door, grab the handle and lift and lay the door on top of the crate. Easily set up and folds down in seconds. No tools required. Includes a composite plastic pan. Durable satin-black Electro-Coat finish. Comes in 5 sizes to fit all breeds.
    Product ID: 21930

    $ 54.95

  • Dri-Dek Tile 12" x 12" Square  (click for color choice)
    Dri-Dek Tiles snap together to create a portable mat for your animal. It puts a layer of soft vinyl between your dog's skin and rough, hard surfaces. Tiles repel and drain urine away from your dog. Fights infection and bacteria by keeping the surface free of dampness. Pets rest better and feel better. Comes in Red, Blue, Black, Yellow or Almond.
    Product ID: T12

    $ 6.90

  • A-Z Digits for Tattoo Kit Outfit for small animals W/Ear Release
    Extra digits for small animal tattoo kit. #4010
    Product ID: 4011

    $ 47.95

  • Absorbine Ultra Shield - gallon
    Residual insecticide and repellent, for quick kill and 28 day residual. Contains aloe and lanolin scented with citronella. Contains a sun screen.
    Product ID: 360020

    $ 67.95

  • Adams Yard Spray Plus - 32 oz.
    Concentrate with hose end sprayer. Kills & repels fleas, ticks, mosquitos, ants, crickets etc. Treats up to 5,000 square feet.
    Product ID: 60226

    $ 15.45

Displaying products 1 - 10 of 245

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