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  • Boundry For Cats - 14 oz.
    Formulated as a training aid to keep cats away from forbidden areas Indoor or Outdoor. Keep your pets away from furniture, carpet, trees, shrubs, garbage cans/bags, and other forbidden areas. Boundary will repel for up to 24 hours.
    Product ID: 61103

    $ 9.50

  • Comfort Zone CAT plug-in w/Feliway
    Comfort Zone reduces or completely stops stress-related behavior including: Urine marking, Vertical scratching, Loss of appetite, Reduced desire to play, Reduced desire to interact. Helps comfort cats in stressful situations. Kit contains one plug in unit and one 48ml. bottle of Feliway. Refill is #2792
    Product ID: 2791

    $ 31.50

  • Comfort Zone CAT refill W/Feliway
    Comfort Zone Feline Refill lasts approximately 4 weeks. To buy the plug in unit see # 2791.
    Product ID: 2792

    $ 17.50

  • Comfort Zone Feliway® Spray- Feline Behavior Modification Spray 75ml Stops urine marking
    For spot treatment. Calms cats in stressful situations or new environments. Clinically proven to end urine marking within 30 days with a 95% success rate
    Product ID: 3001819

    $ 22.50

  • Country Vet Classic Odor Control Automatic Dispenser
    Automatically dispenses aerosol every 15 minutes. Has a 30 day refill life. Requires 2 C cell batteries (NOT INCLUDED) For scented aerosols to use in this unit please see #681.
    Product ID: 321141

    $ 37.95

  • Country Vet Plus Odor Control Automatic Dispenser
    Country Vet Plus Odor Control Automatic Dispenser
    Product ID: 32014

    $ 42.50

  • Fresh 'N Clean Upholstery & Fabric Refresher - 24 oz. Trigger Spray (Discontinued)
    Fresn N Clean Refresher has a power spray trigger allows mist to penetrate deep down and neutralize odors at there source. Arm & Hammer deodorizes safely and removes odors, leaving a fresh and clean scent. For carpeting, curtains, bedding or wherever pet odors linger. (Discontinued)
    Product ID: 63424

    $ 0.00

  • Fresh N' Clean Oxy-Strength - Gallon
    Stain and Odor remover with baking soda. Contains no enzymes or bleach. Removes pet stains and odors forever when applied promptly.
    Product ID: 63600

    $ 23.50

  • Keep Pets Away From Trash Bags - Boundary  14 oz.
    Boundary Dog and Cat Repellent. Aerosol. Indoor / outdoor by L.K as a training aid to keep pets and strays away from "forbidden" areas in and around the house.
    Product ID: B14

    $ 9.95

  • Nature's Miracle® Dander Remover & Body Deodorizer - 16 oz.  W/Sprayer
    Helps relieve allergies caused by Dog and Cat dander.
    Product ID: 51196

    $ 4.50

Displaying products 1 - 10 of 32

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