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  • 12 pk AG3 Batteries for Pet Blinker
    Replacement batteries for Pet Blinkers. For Blinker see #44251
    Product ID: 44252

    $ 3.75

  • 18" Lanyard. With clip (neck rope).
    Product ID: 10118

    $ 4.95

  • A/C Adapter for Super Bark Free #61087
    Super Bark Free Adapter. 120V AC - 6V DC with 6 ft. cord.
    Product ID: 22316

    $ 13.95

  • All Natural Bitter End-For Indoors - 16 oz.
    Bitter End Indoor
    Product ID: 74116

    $ 5.75

  • BARK FREE™ By Lentek
    Sound signals train your dog- and your neighbor's dog- to stop barking. Designed for all sizes of dogs, Bark Free comes with a vinyl rain cover and mounting bracket. May be used indoors or outdoors. Includes toll free customer support hotline. A/C adapter only comes with 50 ft. cord.
    Product ID: 10861

    $ 44.50

  • Barker Breaker
    Hand held, must be activated by user. High frequency sound effective up to 50 ft, operates on 9 V battery, included. Animal connects the sound with their bad behavior and learn to stop.
    Product ID: ABB

    $ 29.95

  • Chew Not!™ -  8 oz. Pump
    Anti Chew training aid for dogs. Contains tea tree oil to help soothe hot spots, and bitters, a taste deterrent. To deter pets from biting and chewing hair.
    Product ID: 5040

    $ 4.40

  • Clicker Training for Dogs - by Karen Pryor
    A getting started book on clicker training. For Clicker Device see #2236.
    Product ID: 2234

    $ 16.95

  • Clicker Training for Obedience - by Morgan Spector
    Step by step guide to shaping top performanace the clicker way. 270 pages. For Clicker Device see #2236.
    Product ID: 2235

    $ 26.95

  • Coastal Check-Choke Training Collar - 1" Adj. 17"-24"
    Nylon and Chain choke collar. Noise of chain sliding alerts the dog to slow down. A great training aid. Black only. mfg.#6910
    Product ID: 69100

    $ 6.30

Displaying products 1 - 10 of 270

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