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  • Pur Luv™ Grande Bones 12 count for Medium & Large Dogs
    Show how much you luv your pet by giving them Pur Luv™ Grande Bones Peanut Butter Flavor. These are long-lasting, tasty, nutritious treats that your dog will absolutely luv. They are low in fat and contain omega fatty acids with peanuts, honey and flax seed ingredients. They are a perfect size for medium and large dogs and they help to clean their teeth. Made in U.S.A.
    Product ID: 82286

    $ 10.95

  • Indigo™ Fresh Floss Bone Medium - each
    Clean your dog's teeth without a toothbrush! Floss Bones deep clean your dog's teeth and at the gum line as he chews the treat. The long-lasting chews are textured for extra cleaning action. Give your dog a floss bone every day for a quick and easy dental routine. Fresh Floss Bones are part of the indigo Fresh line of dental treats that make it easy and fun to clean your dog's teeth. Key Features: *Cleans teeth & gum line as your dog chews, *Helps remove plaque & tartar for clean teeth & fresh breath, *Long-lasting textured chew lasts 5x longer than leading brand, *Natural chicken and blueberry flavors, *Grain-free and easy to digest, *No artificial colors or preservatives, *Use daily for best results, *For pets over 6 months, *Made in the U.S.A.
    Product ID: 143852

    $ 4.25

  • 100% American Beef Hide - Chicken Flavored Rawhide 5" Rolled Retriever Pkg. of 5
    Satisfying chews with clear basted flavor. Non-staining. Made in USA
    Product ID: 73755

    $ 3.95

  • Pet Factory 100% American Beefhide - 7"-8" Heavyweight Knotted Bone
    All Pet Factory Beefhides are 100% made in the USA from USDA Certified facilities. Heavyweights are made from specialty sorted USA Beefhides and contain 30-40% more material than standard products of equal size.
    Product ID: 72807

    $ 5.95

  • Smokehouse Pork Pizzle Twist - Discontinued by manufacturer, out of stock.
    Real Pork twists its way into your dog's mouth with 100% Natural Chew. Great for small dogs.Made in USA. - Discontinued by manufacturer, out of stock.
    Product ID: 85464

    $ 1.19

  • Greenies 12 oz. Treat Packs - Petite (20 count)
    Chewier texture & New soluble formulation that breaks down quickly! No preservatives or by products. Freshens breath, cleans teeth and decreases dental plaque buildup. High protein treat. For all sizes key in the word greenies in the search on the left.
    Product ID: 41242

    $ 12.50

  • Pur Luv™ Chewy Bites Bacon Butter 6 oz
    Show how much you luv your pet by giving them some Pur Luv™ Chewy Bites Bacon Flavor. These are tasty, nutritious treats that your dog will absolutely luv. They are low in fat and contain omega fatty acids with tomatoes, carrots and flax seed ingredients. Made in U.S.A.
    Product ID: 82281

    $ 3.25

  • Indigo Smokehouse Strips™ Bacon 1 oz
    Treat your dog to a natural meaty snack with indigo Smokehouse Strips. This safe, healthy jerky alternative is made in the U.S.A. Real fresh chicken or pork is the main ingredient, with only premium cuts of USDA-inspected meat. You won't find artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives in this natural treat. They're packed with a smoked and cured flavor and vacuum sealed for freshness. Key Features: *Meaty jerky treats made from fresh, premium cuts of meat. *100% made in the U.S.A. with U.S.-raised chicken/pork USDA-inspected meat. *100% all-natural ingredients. *No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. *No corn, wheat, or soy. *Moist texture with smoky flavors. *Vacuum sealed for freshness to preserve texture & flavor.
    Product ID: 144521

    $ 2.75

  • TRAIN-ME REWARD TREATS - Bacon Flavored - 3.5 oz.
    Delectable meat flavor, what dogs love best... made with real meat. The number one treat to use in bait pouches (#118). MADE IN USA. Other flavors: Chicken #98020, Liver #98022
    Product ID: 98024

    $ 3.25

  • SMOKEHOUSE All Natural Meaty Pork Bone - 6" - 7"
    Lots of meat on this bone for you dog to enjoy, and when its gone he still has a big bone left to gnaw on. 100% natural and MADE IN USA.
    Product ID: 84051

    $ 2.95

Displaying products 1 - 10 of 646

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