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SNUGGLE PUPPIE™ - Brown & White DogSNUGGLE PUPPIE™ - Brown & White Dog

SNUGGLE PUPPIE™ - Brown & White Dog


SnugglePuppies™, have a “real feel” heartbeat and gentle heat This product was designed to help calm, soothe and allow pets (and their people!) to sleep better. Also comes in: Black (Lab) #4203, Golden (Lab) #70106, or Brown Mutt #4202

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Product ID: 4206
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$ 39.95

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This product can now help your baby animal feed themselves. Insert bottle in the underside pocket. The nipple will stick out between the legs. A Velcro™ tab will hold the bottle in place. This adorable plush puppy comforts animals of all ages. Product comes with batteries and two 20 hour heat packets. Machine washable, gentle cycle and mild detergent – nothing small to chew off either, as safety and security are our utmost concern.

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