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  • Alpine Scratcher - 20"L x 8 1/2"W x 10 1/2" H
    Sloped cardboard scratcher. Replacement pack available, see #113001
    Product ID: 311300

    $ 10.95

  • Cathole-Indoor Arch
    Give your cat their own private entrance to the cat box room. Litter box can be hidden in storeroom or closet and only the cat has access. Removeable brush grooms them as they go in and out.
    Product ID: 2285

    $ 29.50

  • Cosmic Catnip Scratching Post
    Made of tightly packed cardboard in a cardboard container, to set on the floor or hang from a door knob.. 5"W x 20"L x 2 1/2"D
    Product ID: CS110

    $ 5.45

  • Cosmic Catnip Scratching Post - Double Wide
    Tightly packed cardboard in a box that allows your cat a chance to scratch and destroy. Helps save your furniture, can be set on floor or hung from a door knob. Also, See FPCS Catnip Spray.
    Product ID: 311200

    $ 7.75

  • Hang N' Scratch - For Cats - Discontinued by manufacturer, out of stock.
    Discontinued by manufacturer, out of stock. - Hang N' Scratch, 19" sisal scratcher hangs anywhere. With catnip.
    Product ID: 23357

    $ 6.95

  • Hanging Scratchers - Grey Mouse  22.5"L x 8.5" W
    Mouse has arms and legs filled with noise making crinkle material. A plastic lattice ball and bell dangle from it's tail. Made of durable plush, mounted on a sisal board for serious cat scratching. Sisal pad may be replaced when it wears thin. See #7990
    Product ID: 7995

    $ 10.95

  • Kitty Skyscraper -  (Click for color choice)
    Kitty Skyscrapper (SPFY)
    Product ID: 71321

    $ 79.50

  • Korner Komber
    Attach to any wall and watch the catnip pouch attract your kitty. Easy to remove & clean. Saves your furniture from hair buildup. Comes complete w/catnip.
    Product ID: 582

    $ 5.90

  • No Scratch - 16 oz.  Pump Spray Bottle
    Cats and kittens can target your furniture, drapes or carpets to satisfy their instinct to scratch. NO-Scratch when used as directed cam help stop or redirect this behavior.
    Product ID: 514116

    $ 9.95

  • Replacement Ball for Star Chaser
    Replacement ball for Star Chaser #70130
    Product ID: 70135

    $ 3.75

Displaying products 1 - 10 of 30

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